Robocop demonstrates his dick shoot-off skills

Robocop is an 80’s action movie classic. Although on the surface it’s a simple story about a cop becoming a cyborg and enacting revenge on the criminals that took his humanity away, the movie’s subtext is a clever indictment on the excesses of 80’s corporate America and consumerism among others. Independent filmmakers and fans of the original crowd-sourced their own Robocop remake to pay tribute to the sci-fi classic as mock protest of Hollywood’s sanizited reboot.

More of a re-imagining than a remake, different teams of filmmakers took on different sequences, bringing their own particular sensibilities to them. Fatal Farm took on the classic scene where Robocop stops an attempted rape by shooting between the victim’s shirt, hitting the rapist’s genitals and took it to a hilarious and gruesome extreme. - Femdom TGP
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