Pressley Carter gets Julius Ceazher’s big black cock as peace offering from husband Manolo

Black Bi Cuckolding 20

Manolo’s good fortune in marrying Pressley Carter had taken an unexpected turn after their wedding night. He found out that his cock was simply too small to satisfy his young wife’s desires, she was used to having fun with big black cocks that made Manolo’s look like a toe. Sexual frustration was driving Pressley into a depression and she only wanted to sleep. Manolo loved Pressley, his only desire was to make her happy and after much thought he found a solution to the problem.

Julius Ceazher couldn’t believe what his friend Manolo was asking him to do, Manolo wanted Julius to fuck his wife for him. After much begging from Manolo Julius agreed to at least meet Pressley. The two friends arrived at Manolo’s home and found his wife asleep on the sofa. Julius was surprised at how attractive Pressley was, her ass was just how he liked them: tight and round which made his doubts disappear and his cock hard. At Manolo’s urging Julius brought out his cock so when Pressley woke up it was the first thing she saw.

When he saw Pressley smile after weeks of gloom Manolo was as happy as she was. Pressley grabbed Julius’ big cock and compared it to Manolo’s puny worm and it was obvious there was no contest. Pressley sucked and fucked Julius to her heart’s content and Manolo took whatever scraps he was offered by her, like sucking on her toes. She even used Manolo as a mattress, getting fucked on her husband’s back by the stud. Finally Julius shot his load all over Pressley’s ass and Manolo did what a good black cock cuckold must do, licked his wife clean. - Femdom TGP
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