Penny Flame trains Max Powers to serve through pet play BDSM and strapon femdom

There was nothing that Mistress Penny Flame loved more than a challenge, and Max Powers was her project for today. He considered himself a “pain slut”, but he had not encountered a devious mind such as Mistress Flame before. She smiled while he waited, naked and bound with his arms tied above his head, legs locked to to the floor, and a rope tied to his dick and balls.

Wearing a skin-tight latex dress, Penny inspected the helpless submissive, slowly rubbing her body over his one minute, flogging him mercilessly the next. Max’s composure starts to crumble under Penny’s sweet torture as she grinds her pussy over his thighs, only to twist his nipples and cane him until his skin is bright red. Max starts to purr and growl and Penny increases the intensity of her actions, her face and lips inches from Max as she caresses his face, then pulling on the rope that chokes his cock.

Mistress Flame takes Max off the bondage rig and after putting on her strapon she orders him to crawl on all fours while leading him by his leashed collar. Max obeys his mistress, sitting at attention, laying down, and rolling on the floor when his mistress commands him as a good femdom puppy should. As reward of his obedience, Penny takes off Max’s ball-gag and allows Max the privilege of sucking on her strapon cock, and Max covers is with his slobber because he knows Mistress Flame will be fucking his ass with it next.

Penny smiles while drooling down on Max’s ass, and after grabbing a hold of his leash she guides her plastic cock and pegs him doggy-style. Max moans and whimpers as his Mistress’ hips drive her cock deeper and faster with each stroke, but Penny isn’t satisfied with Max’s enthusiasm. She orders him to back his ass into the strapon, and soon Max is twearking against Penny’s hip thrusts. - Femdom TGP
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