Nika Noire anal-izes Chanel Preston

Chanel Preston is worried about her obsession with women. Worried about her sanity, she goes see the renowned psychotherapist Nika Noire. After listening to Chanel Nika decides to put her patient into a deep hypnosis state and try some unorthodox therapy on her.

Nika’s therapy is to make her patient confront her fear, and for this Nika poses as a lesbian dominatrix. She proceeds by binding her patient and spanking her upturned ass to break down her barriers. Nika canes Chanel’s hands and feet, then forces the helpless brunette to have orgasms by licking and fingering her pussy.

But Nika can tell Chanel is still holding back. Nika takes a more direct approach and after whipping Chanel she puts a dildo mask on her and makes the brunette pleasure Nika’s pussy with it. Her patient’s defenses finally start to break down and Nika takes the final step in their therapy session by using a strap on dildo to anally penetrate Chanel and confront her with her greatest fear. Chanel cries out in pleasure, finally freed from her obsession. - Femdom TGP
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