Newt Gingrich wants a new name for smartphones because “smartphone” just won’t do

Change can be difficult. We live in a time when digital technology has brought about dramatic sociological and economical changes. Some people miss the clues which abound and once they realize what is happening they try to let everyone know that which has by then become obvious, a simple fact of life.

Like that aunt that sends an all-caps email telling you about the viral video that everyone and their dog was already sick of seeing six months ago.

That is the case of Newt Gingrich and his hilariously misguided effort to come up with a “new” name to describe what he admits to his own chagrin calling “a hand-held computer”, which everyone else knows as a smartphone, but according to Mr Gingrich needs a better defining name.

The fact that what used to be called PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) and have been commonly called smartphones for well over ten years does not phase him. Mr Gingrich disregards this common piece of knowledge and forges ahead in his one-man crusade, which the folks at appropriate for comedic effect.

Here’s the original video, which needs no enhancement to heighten the unintended hilarity it contains. - Femdom TGP
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