Maitresse Madeline bewitches Marcelo into strapon and sounding slavery

Sorceress Maitresse Madeline uses her knowledge of the Dark Arts to ensnare dock worker Manolo into her bayou lair. Once Manolo has crossed her door, there’s no escaping. He finds himself naked, bound, and gagged with Maitresse Madeline laughing and explaining how he will serve as the representation of mankind during her rituals. She will subject Manolo to torture that will test the limits of his sanity and allow Maitresse to tap into infinite power.

Marcelo trembles as Maitresse describes the road of agony she has prepared for him, and starts his journey by flogging Marcelo’s cock. The enchantress continues to break-down Manolo’s mind with hot wax play, dripping the burning liquid over his shoulders and cock. Maitresse senses resistance from her captive, and steps up her game by caning Marcelo mercilessy, and puts on a strapon to bring down the walls that still protect his sense of self-worth.

Her riding crop and flogger strike the naked flesh of Marcelo until his agonized creams echo from the walls. Madeline smiles as screams are ripped from Marcelo when she uses her riding crop on his spread ass until it’s bright red, making his skin more sensitive for the pegging she unleashes next. Marcelo’s body shakes as Madeline’s hips drive her plastic cock balls-deep into him, his grunts making Madeline laugh.

The dark mistress has a special surprise for her captive. With his mind broken and will to resist destroyed, Madeline brings out an urethral sound to take Manolo into a new world of sensation. Maitresse slips the thick, cold metal probe into Manolo’s cock, and his struggle to control himself makes the sorceress’ eyes sparkle. She grabs a hammer and strikes the sound, and the vibrations make Manolo’s eyes roll back as sensation overpowers his mind, forever enslaving him to the perverse wishes of Madeline. - Femdom TGP
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