Female prison guard goes ass to ass with male inmate

Jasmine Byrne makes Bill go ass to ass with her and a double-headed dildo

Jasmine Byrne loved her job as prison guard. She had a steady supply of men to play with when she was left alone, and after years she had refined her methods of picking the best prospects for her perverse after hours games.

Today her unwilling playmate was Bill. Before his time with Jasmine he had been known as “Wild” Bill, but his spirit had been long since broken and he was now just another puppet for Jasmine to play with. She had cocooned his legs with cling wrap, his hands were tied to the bed and his cock and balls were constricted by a tight rope. Jasmine put a dildo gag on Bill and fucked herself on his face. This was just the opening games, the prison guard rode Bill’s cock while giving him shocks with the CPR kit.

The Latina continued her heartless domination of Bill, using a riding crop to punish his ass and make him bark like a dog for her amusement. Bill’s anguish excited Jasmine, and to pleasure herself she put a double-headed dildo in Bill’s ass and the other end inside her pussy. This way she fucked herself ass to ass with it, sharing the dildo with the bound Bill. As reward Jasmine licked Bill’s cock and let him cum in her hand.

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