January Seraph trains Jessie Sparkles to serve the Divine Bitches with sex swing pegging

Mistress January Seraph continues Jessie Sparkles’ training to determine if he has what it takes to join the Divine Bitches’ stable. Jessie stands naked, with arms and legs bound by rope while January sits and inspects his helpless body. She walks up to Jessie and starts their session by teasing him, twisting and licking his nipples, and using a flogger to on his cock.

The teasing intensifies, with January slapping and punching Jessie’s chest and legs, and biting his cock while he struggles to keep his composure. He fails and swears, so Mistress Seraph ties up his cock and pulls on it to remind him that disobeying the rules carries grave consequences. After untying his balls, Mistress Seraph fetches a paddle to continue Jessie’s training but when he sees it he can’t help but swear again. Displeased with his continuing disregard of her rules, January sticks her fingers down Jessie’s mouth and throat until she touches his tonsils, and Jessie promises to behave.

January paddles Jessie’s nipples until his chest is a lovely shade of red, and teases him by stroking his cock one minute, the pulling it upwards until he’s standing on his toes to escape the torture the next. She picks a single-tail whip and makes Jessie wince as it hits his body, and continues to teach Jessie discipline by using rubber bands on his feet and cock, which she pulls back and lets snap in place.

January puts binds Jessie to a sex-swing and has fun putting chained clips on his nipples and balls. To ensure Jessie behaves as a good submissive should, Mistress Seraph ties him up using plastic wrap and puts a breathing gag on him. After teasing Jessie’s cock with her handjob skills while he’s locked in place, Mistress Seraph uses her strapon to peg Jessie, and drips hot wax on him at the same time. Her hands stroke Jessie’s cock, and the conflicting sensations make Jessie cum. January collects Jessie’s filth into the breathing gag and continues to peg him, with Jessie fucking himself on her strapon cock to January’s great amusement.

After all of her hard work it is time for Mistress Seraph to get some pleasure out of Jessie. With arms and legs bound to the bed, Jessie awaits for January to use him. She runs her nylon-stocked feel along his dick, and makes hie eyes close with pleasure when she sucks his cock. January gets on top of Jessie and rides his hardness into her pussy, and once she’s satisfied her needs continues to stroke the submissive’s cock. When Jessie fails to cum after January countdowns to ten, she leaves him bound and with his balls full.

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