Dana Mclendon’s Hot Crazy Matrix uses statistical analysis to find love and avoid injury

Everyone wants to find love and many times we find crazy instead. In this tongue-in-cheek video Dana Mclendon explains to James Yeager his statistical analysis approach to dating. Mr Mclendon calls this theory the “Hot Crazy Matrix” and it allows men to run risk-assessment to their dating partners. Using a curve and scales running from zero to ten to classify “hotness” and four to ten to classify “crazyiness” (because all women are at least a bit crazy).

Mr. Mclendon defines the areas in the chart that determine high risk, low risk as well as unicorn and tranny zones. Mr. McLendon adds the male version of the matrix for women which uses cuteness and money as axis. This matrix is simpler than men’s since women only have three zones and no unicorns.

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