Francesca Le and Felony educate Brian Bonds in the art of serving his mistresses

Many men think being a submissive is easy. They could not be more wrong, as Brian Bonds is about to find out. He wishes to serve the Divines, but his first lesson is that whatever he wants is meaningless, only his mistress’ desires are important. Francesca Le and Felony are tasked with pounding that lesson into Brian by any and all means necessary. The prospective submissive is naked in front of the latex-clad Francesca and Felony, vulnerable and in awe of the two Divines.

A perfect example of Brian’s ignorance of submissive etiquette is when Felony holds her foot out. Brian looks at it and Felony must remind him to worship it, something which a mistress should never have to do. The worthless worm pays his respects to Francesca’s high heeled feet but forgets to thank his mistresses for the privilege. It was clear that Francesca and Felony would have to employ harsher methods to teach Brian his proper place.

A weighted rope is tied around Brian’s genitals and pulled as he is made to worship his mistresses’ shoes again. After having fun spanking his ass and slapping his face Felony and Francesca make Brian lick their asses and pussies, slapping his face when he forgets to thank them. To remind him of the importance of it Francesca and Felony whip his weighted dick while he thanks them for the punishment.

The devilish Francesca and Felony have a special treat for Brian. They put an urethral plug in his cock, sealing it so that he can’t cum until they deem he has earned it. Francesca and Felony take turns pegging the bound Brian, caressing his plugged cock while their strapon cocks pound his ass. Broken by the conflicting sensations the submissive babbles his thanks to the mistresses. When the urethral plug is taken out Brian’s cum spills out, confirming his capitulation to Francesca and Felony.

The Divines use Brian as their sex toy, riding his cock hard and taking turns sitting on his face, reminding him of the dire consequences should he cum before he is given permission. Once Francesca and Felony have satisfied themselves they jerk Brian off, making him cum over himself and feeding him his own ejaculate. The broken in Brian thanks the Divines for allowing him to serve, which is the only thing he’s fit to do. - Femdom TGP
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