Daisy Ducati and Mona Wales break new submissive into subservience

Divine Bitches Daisy Ducati and Mona Wales play cards while their latest victim waits crouched in his metal cage. Daisy is proud of her latest acquisition: she pulled Alejandro out of the gutter and brought him into the Divine Bitches’ lair, and Mona laughed thinking of the perversions they would unleash on the naked male.

Daisy and Mona order Alejandro to beg to be let out of his cage, and bathe him with their squirt until he gives in. Once out, Alejandro starts to learn the rules of his new existence as Daisy sits on his face and makes him lick her pussy and ass while Mona squirts into the chastity cage that traps his cock. Mona changes places with Daisy and the femdom bithboy must lick Mona until she’s satisfied, and Daisy uses a vibrator on her pussy and Alejandro’s chastity-locked cock.

The two Divines have only begun their fun with Alejandro, he has much to learn yet. With his arms bound to chains locked to the floor, ball-gagged and bound, he’s helpless as Mona and Daisy flog him mercilessly, and taunt his body and cock with electric zappers. To test his endurance, Daisy and Mona drip hot wax on Alejandro’s naked flesh, and paddle him until his skin is a nice shade of red.

Alejandro is now ready for his next step into femdom servitude, as Mona and Daisy put on their strapon cocks to train him. Daisy pegs him doggy-style while Mona fills Alejandro’s mouth with her cock, spit-roasting him until his mind is broken and ready to accept his new destiny. Mona takes her turn pounding Alejandro’s ass, and Daisy orders him to lick her pussy, and the combination of sensations rewire Alejandro’s brain, turning him into an obedient bitchboy.

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