Corporate spy Chastity Lynn is caught and punished by Bobbi Starr and Nikki Hunter

The business world can be a treacherous place. Unscrupulous corporations engage in espionage to gain unfair advantage over their competitors. Chastity Lynn’s work application was a ruse to gain access to classified data. Once Bobbi Starr had shown her to her workstation Chastity began to copy the sensitive files. But before she could finish Bobbi returned and caught her red-handed and took the spy to Nicki, the head of security.

Instead of calling the police, who would only give a wrist-slap to the spy, Nicki decides to handle the matter in-house. Because of Chastity’s murky role nobody knows where she is, so Bobbi and Nicki can do whatever they desire to Chastity. The petite blonde is stripped and bound, her mouth filled with a ball gag. Nicki has fun tormenting the bound Chastity, using a vibrator to force her to cum and tasting her sweet pussy.

Chastity gets fingered and her pussy fucked with Nicki’s dildo, then is made to eat out and lick her tormentor’s asshole. Bobbi joins Nicki and the two women put on strapon dildos to finish Chastity’s interrogation. The spy’s ass gets fucked hard as well as her mouth, Bobbi and Nicki unleashing their vengeance upon the helpless Chastity. - Femdom TGP
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