Novice Charlotte Sartre learns discipline from nuns Mona Wales and Helena Locke

Aspiring nun Charlotte Sartre hoped to join the Order of the Holy Whipped Ass, but first she would be tested by Mona Wales and Helena Locke. Dressed in their sober black robes, Mona and Helena noticed the care she had put in decorating her living quarters. This indicated that Charlotte was still self-centered, and needed to learn that devotion to her Order came first and foremost. The nuns started Charlotte’s training by ripping off her clothes, which signify her old life, and leave her naked so that Mona and Helena can inspect Charlotte’s shaved pussy and pink asshole to determine the level of impurity which taints the novice.

Helena and Mona take turns licking Charlotte’s sinful holes, and taste the sin within. The nuns proceed to purify Charlotte, spanking her pale ass and finger-fucking Charlotte’s pussy and asshole until the raven-haired beauty feels the first waves of bliss course through her body. Helena’s skilful fingering drives Charlotte to the edge of orgasm, and Mona Wales commands Charlotte to finger herself, slapping the novice’s face to quench her lust.

After making Charlotte read the Good Book while Sister Helena finger-fucks Charlotte’s decadent asshole, Helena canes Charlotte’s pussy to remind her of the punishment that lack of discipline can bring upon her. The nuns take turns grinding their pussies and asses over Charlotte’s eager mouth, letting her know the taste of righteousness.

Charlotte’s education continues, with Mona and Helena putting the pale skinned brunette in a bondage rig, gag her mouth and take turns using black strapons to penetrate the novice’s holes. Charlotte moans against the gag as her body is filled with plastic cock, and Helena smiles while driving herself balls-deep into Charlotte’s asshole. Mona lays on her back so that Charlotte can climb on top of her, with Mona’s strapon going into Charlotte’s asshole while Helena fucks Charlotte’s pussy in double-penetration action. - Femdom TGP
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