Officers Dia Zerva and Felony gang up on street walker Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills had fallen on hard times. She was making ends meet by walking the streets, but her life had become even harder when two corrupt cops entered her life. Officers Dia Zerva and her partner Felony demanded a cut from her meager earnings and had threatened her with dire consequences if she failed to meet their quota.

Beverly was having a bad night when Dia and Felony appeared. The duo demanded their money and Beverly had to tell them she didn’t have it. The cops didn’t like that, and showed Beverly the consequences of her failure. After slapping her around for a bit they made Bevery suck their pussies, then while one of them grabbed her the other used a police baton to fuck Beverly. But this was just the beginning of Beverly’s trials.

Felony and Dia took Beverly back to their special room. There they tied up Beverly with chains and caned her ass. After torturing her pussy and nipples Felony and Dia put on their strap on dildos and took turns pounding Beverly’s pussy. The cops still weren’t content, and they used a dildo to penetrate Beverly’s ass while using a dildo and a vibrator on her clit. Beverly could not help herself and squirted as an orgasm shook her body. - Femdom TGP
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