Angel Allwood cuckolds her husband with ex-convict stepson

Being married to Jimmy was torture for Angel Allwood. His tiny cock was unable to satisfy her sexual needs, and frustration was driving Angel insane. Then Jimmy dropped a bomb on her: his son was being released from prison and would be living with them. Angel was horrified, imagining a hulking, dangerous monster. When she met Christian she couldn’t believe her husband’s useless balls had produced such a fine specimen of a man. Christian told her he was adopted so he didn’t share Jimmy’s tiny dick syndrome, and it didn’t take Angel long before she had her lips wrapped around her stepson’s meaty cock.

Jimmy came home and found his wife sucking off Christian and was shocked. Angel ordered Jimmy to strip and mocked him, comparing his puny dick to his adopted son’s big cock. She wasn’t done humiliating her husband, Angel ordered him to kneel down and suck Christian’s dick to amuse her. Jimmy was shocked, but had no choice but to obey. Angel brought Christian into the marital bedroom and fucked him while Jimmy watched and sucked Angel’s toes. As a final degradation Angel jerked off Christian into Jimmy’s mouth and laughed as the cuckold swallowed cum. - Femdom TGP
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