Aiden Starr teaches Drake Temple his purpose is to serve her femdom wishes

Drake Temple is a tall, strong and cocky male. But he quickly learns that he’s just a meat puppet for Aiden Starr. There’s nothing that Mistress Starr loves more than breaking a man’s spirit and turning him into an obedient bitchboy. She licks her lips while planning Drake’s destruction and reconstruction.

Drake’s journey starts with his mouth being ball-gagged and bound sitting-down to a pillar. Aiden covers Drake’s armits and torso with clothespins which she flogs off. Drake’s eyes close tight as he struggles to control himself, and Aiden guides him through the conflicting emotions that threaten to overcome him, and in this way her mental control over Drake grows.

The domme uses electric zappers to continue the destruction of Drake’s self-image as she plays mind-games with him before making him beg for more punishment. Aiden tests Drake’s limits by dripping on wax on his sensitive skin, and he bears it because his Goddess commands it. Drake’s nipples are Aiden’s next target as she twists them with a smile on her face.

Mistress Starr puts on a strapon to take Drake’s training to the next level, and the stud waits for her while being bound to a wooden beam. Aiden uses a black dildo to warm up Drake’s asshole, fucking him with it while caressing his hardening cock. Aiden works her strapped dick into Drake’s helpless asshole, giving him a handjob and holding onto the ropes that immobilize him to drive herself deeper into him.

After all of her hard work, it’s now Aiden’s turn to get some satisfaction. She strokes Drake’s hard dick to the edge of orgasm and warns him that he will only cum when she allows it. Mistress Starr uses Drake as her personal sex toy, riding his cock and ordering him to lick her pussy. When Drake is about to cum, Mistress Starr slaps his cock, for he has not earned the privilege of orgasm yet. Aiden leaves Drake to think about ways to improve his service to the Divine Bitches. - Femdom TGP
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